Real-time analysis, speech-to-text, keyword recognition, emotion analysis, voiceprint verification      


Speech-to-Text in Real-Time

  • Convert all conversations to text in real time
  • Statistical analysis of the effect of different speech patterns
  • Analyze customer hotspots
  • Semantic analysis and context analysis
  • Statistical detect the content that is likely to cause customer dissatisfaction in the conversation


Keyword Analysis

  • By identifying keywords, the types of calls can be classified (such as marketing calls, consulting calls, etc.)
  • By word frequency statistics on keywords, hot words and industry terms can be identified, and the trend of customer focus can be observed
  • Through the keyword analysis engine, the words or sentences of interest to the users in the call can be individually positioned, and the taboo words, hot words and the like in the recording can be rapidly located

Application Scenario

  • Court trial text minutes
  • Voice analysis of prison visits and conversations
  • Minutes of the financial office, meeting room, and negotiation room
  • Voice analysis of business conversation of insurance field service
  • Voice analysis of telephone transaction scenarios such as stock trading and fund trading


Emotional Analysis

  • Time division agent emotions statistics
  • Analyze emotional changes in agents and clients
  • Identify the circumstances in which the customers are likely to experience emotional excitement

Application Scenario

  • Prison visits
  • Conversations between bank counter staff and customers
  • Phone transaction scenarios such as stock trading and fund trading
  • Ticketing/Service Window Staff and Customer Talk


Operating Procedures


Voiceprint Verification

Voiceprint certification is by far the most economical, reliable, convenient and safe, and the only non-contact biometric technology that can be remotely controled.

By comparing the voice of the speaker to the voiceprint registered in the database, it can be determined whether the speaker is himself / herself or not, which is used to assist identity verification and authentication. Users identity can be verified anywhere, at any location, through voice authentication.

Voiceprint verification has a wide range of application prospects: such as telecommunications, finance and other system call center. Voiceprint can be used as a verification code to access an account. In addition to providing users with the necessary authentication such as account names and passwords, users can identify themselves in their natural speaking, without privacy concerns or any psychological barriers. The application of voiceprint identification technology in the VIP self-service service can help the businesses to accurately verify the user identity and provide safer, more friendly and more targeted services.


Advantages of Voiceprint Verification

Reliability – Sound is a physical indicator that is unique

Security – Unlike password verification, users no longer have to worry about malware and data leakage

Convenience – No additional hardware required, no need to handle users’ “reset password” request

Flexibility – Voiceprint verification can be perfectly applied to mobile terminals, and can adapt to various channels that need authentication


Application Scenario

Applicable to self-service, transaction, attendance, security gate / access control, public security, smart home and other identity authentication scenarios


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