Superior Quality Brings New Experience

Make the image more visible, Video conferencing is becoming more popular, the requirements for image quality in video and screen recording are becoming higher. MediaHUB, a video parallel optimization system develop by duplicall can optimize the definition of images and eliminate the impact of green and black screens as well.

Let storage space “lose weight”. Video and screen recording files are large and require long time storage. MediaHUB can provide flexible video compression solutions to help alleviate the pressure on storage space.

Enrich management of video file with more advanced tools. Employ hardware device DC-NGPU to make use of the high concurrent processing capability of GPU to optimize mage quality of video and screen recording files, video coding and compression.

Innovative Algorithm, Video Optimization in One Step

After capturing and recording the received data from network, the DCLog audio and video recording server will send them to the DC-NGPU server, the video parallel optimization server, in real time or offline, to optimize and transcode the video files according to the pre-set parameters.

The server can also directly send the optimized video files to the storage server according to your need.

Product Combination Provides Complete Solution

MediaHUB is a member of the enterprise “Security and Compliance” intelligent management product family. By combining DCLog, ISCM, IBAE, SoIP, MoIP, MediaHUB and other products, it can form a complete and flexible total solution for “Security and Compliance” intelligent management. Each of these products can be used separately or in combination. It helps enterprises discover, stop, and prevent risks and reduce damage loss caused.

Video image information extraction Video image quality optimization Video image quality optimization GPU hardware with powerful parallel processing

Complete Product Suite, Provide Possibility for Sustainable Development

We intensively focus on R&D and develop “security & compliance” intelligent management related products. After years investment and research, we have accumulated rich industry leading experience in “security” and “compliance” and have developed a complete product series to provide customers with solutions at various stages of “security” and “compliance”. As the AI technology becomes increasingly mature, we will adopt more AI technology to develop our intelligent products to meet the “safety & compliance” need in the market and its sustainable development.

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