Microsoft Skype for Business

Recording solution

• Based on Microsoft-certified recording platform

• Records all SFB / Lync call scenarios

• Provides flexible deployment for different recording needs

• Supports Microsoft Skype for Business / Lync 2013 / Lync 2010

Application Deployment

DCLog AS offers a variety of deployment solutions for different environments and requirements . In the left deployment scenario, all Lync calls (including mobile phone calls) are recorded.

By installing a Microsoft-certified plug-in on the Front End server , DCLog obtains the call information to start recording. With Media Delivery installed on the Edge Server, the SRTP media stream is sent to the DCLog AS server and stored.

SFB / Lync recording mode:

  • Edge Server Recording Mode – Recording of ANY types of SFB / Lync call is supported.
  • Proxy Server Recording Mode – Supports PSTN and internal Client call recording, internal client call recording, and conference recording.
  • Mirror Port Recording Mode – Supports PSTN and internal Client call recording, internal client call recording, and conference recording.
  • Mediation Server Recording Mode – Supports recording between PSTN and internal Client.
  • Conference Server Recording Mode – Supports recording of only Client meetings.


WEB-based User Interface

  • Access through the browser

Based on the latest HTML5 technology, DCLog AS provides a beautiful, easy-to-use and feature-rich user interface that allows users to access the DCLog system through a browser without having to install any client program to perform operations such as recording playback and system management.

  • Simple and intuitive user interface

Developed based on the latest HTML5 technology DCLog recording system has a simple and intuitive interface, designed to reduce the number of clicks required for each operation, making the system more efficient and convenient.

  • Efficient search and playback

DCLog AS provides a complete recording search function. Users can categorize and manage recording files by adding tags or labels to make searching more accurate and effortless.


Product Advantages


● Stereo recording ● High scalability ● School
● Recording file tagging ● Centralized management ● Hospital
● WEB-based user interface ● Microsoft certified plug-ins ● Insurance company
● AES 128 bit file encryption ● Supports all SFB / Lync voice formats ● Financial institutions
● Online real-time monitoring ● Support for single-user, multi-terminal ● Customer Service Center
● Recording targets batch import and export
● E-Mail recording files and call information


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