Application Scenario


Voice and Video Recording

Records complete face-to-face communication process between staffs and customers.

Mobile Phone Recording

Records the communication process between staffs and customers through mobile devices.


Product Features

  • A variety of microphones models
  • Supports mobile call recording
  • Can be integrated into the business system
  • External high-definition camera (Wi-Fi, hotlink)
  • View the remaining disk information / location information on the main interface
  • Limits user access to recording files via permission setting
  • Local recording and video pause, with manual or automatic recovery options
  • Supports offline voice and video recording, users can upload local cache files in network environment
  • Supports file encryption, encrypted transmission, and secondary encryption by the administrator
  • Supports attaching business information with a total of ten custom fields automatically or manually to the recording files
  • Batch configuration, unified management of all client use strategy, supports registration by QR code


Operating Environment

  • Tablet PC (Android)
  • Mobile (Android)
  • Other mobile devices (Android)


How to Use

  1. Install server and complete settings such as rights management, security settings, custom fields, etc.
    Staffs install APP on the mobile.
  2. APP automatically searches the LAN broadcast content, and auto-completes settings, registers to the server.
  3. When a staff pickups or dials a call, the APP automatically records the call.
  4. Staff can record audio and video of face-to-face communications when visiting customers.
  5. Before signing the contract, APP displays the preset content, the customer reads out and confirm the service content and risks.
  6. Customer handwrites signature verification on the APP
  7. After the completion of the transaction, recorded files will be automatically uploaded to the server.
  8. Administrators can access the recording system from a browser or listen to the recordings from the integrated business system.


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