Application Scenario

Scheduling Room -Records voice of scheduling calls, video of staff working status and screen operations; supports synchronized playback.

Service Counter – Supports recording of the service process, records the service attitude of the service staff and the screen operation, uses high-fidelity, bidirectional directional microphone with noise reduction function to ensure the clear and accurate acquisition of voice.

Contact Center – Records voice calls and screen operation of the agent simultaneously, supports recording video calls, supports integration with artificial intelligence to achieve speech-to-text, keyword recognition, emotion analysis, behavior analysis, intelligent quality inspection and so on.

Wireless Intercom – Supports 800 trillion trunking, TETRA, eLTE network voice and video recording

Trackside Phone – Record trackside phone calls, including emergency calls, warranty calls, etc.


Product features

  • Throat microphone that picks up sounds in noisy environments
  • High reliability deployment plan
  • Supports distributed deployment and centralized management
  • High compression algorithm, reduce file storage costs
  • Supports integration artificial intelligence engine to further enhance management efficiency
  • Centralized management of recording files from all branches


 Throat microphone

Throat microphone can fully and clearly communicate one’s voice to another in noisy environments and can be used in a variety of scenarios such as tunnel construction, track maintenance, construction sites, production lines, station commands and more.



Throat microphone connection