Flexible deployment for trunk, IP phones, digital phones, analog phones, and hybrid environment                                                      

Supports recording of video calls through PC, camera or mobile phone, and face-to-face conversations


Flexible tap solution supporting trunking, IP phone, digital phone, analog phone line, and hybrid environmen. Check PBX Support List – >



  • Video call recording
  • Face-to-face conversation recording through APP on mobile phone
  • Live video recording through surveillance camera

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Product Advantages

  • SIP terminal equipment to collect and transmit audio / video data
  • Originated from IP switching technology, reliable solution, flexible deployment
  • Independent network deployment, separated from existing business networks
  • Independent to the existing network, easy integration with business systems
  • H.265 video coding (VedioOPTI System required)
  • Supoports local, public cloud,  and private cloud deployment
  • Advanced noise reduction and beam-forming microphone
  • Supports multiple voice encoding formats, easy to integrate with AI engine
  • Restful API making customization and secondary development more convenient
  • Supports distributed deployment, centralized deployment, hybrid deployment, and cloud deployment


Typical Application

Conference room  – Records audio and video simultaneously; Automatically associates audio and video file for search and simultaneous playback; Uses high-fidelity, noise-canceling omnidirectional microphone to capture complete records of meetings.

Office phone – Records business office phone calls including conference calls in trunks, IP phone, digital telephone, analog telephone lines, and video telephone environment.

Field staff – Records face-to-face communications between field staffs and customers through a mobile phone APP; Recordings can be managed together with other audio and video records.

Multi-party video conference call – Records multi-party video conference calls, supports real-time translation and meeting minutes via speech-to-text technology.


DCLog Xpress Recording Solutions for SMBs

IP Model

Designed to meet the recording needs of SMBs record IP extension, SIP trunk and Analog lines. Pre-installed with Linux operating system, easy to install, plug and play. Supports 4 to 24 channels concurrent recording. System provides stable and reliable performance at the same time, with better protection for data security.



  • Supports SIP trunk, IP extension, analog, and face-to-face recording. Supports 4 to 24 channels concurent recording.
  • Pre-installed with Linux CentOS-7 operating system, not only to make the system more stable and reliable performance, but also for better data security.
  • The standard IP model is equipped with 120GB SSD, providing maximum strorage of one server is s6000 recording hours (mono G.729 format), with export and backup capabilities. Users can also choose to upgrade to 240GB or 480GB storage capacity.
  • The standard Analog model is equipped with 1TB HD,  providing maximum strorage of one server is 30000 recording hours (mono G.711 format), with export and backup capabilities. Users can also choose to upgrade to 2T or 4T storage capacity.

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