Financial Services

China Asset Management

Microsoft Skype for Business recordings / 1500 Ch users, 200 Ch concurrent

Established on April 9, 1998, China Asset Management Co., Ltd. (ChinaAMC) is one of the first nation-wide fund man-
agement companies approved by China securities Regulatory Commission. as migrating to Microsoft skype for Busi-
ness (sFB) communications platform, ChinaaMC required that calls made between PstN, internal sFB client, external
SFB client, as well as SFB conference calls to be recorded. DupliCALL installed Microsoft certified plug-in software on
the sFB Front end servers and edge servers to capture call signaling and sRtP media streams. as dC-LOG as pro-
vided native support for Microsoft’s Rta codec, calls are recorded without any degradation in voice quality.



Guotai Junan Securities

Cisco IP recording / 200 Ch concurrent, dual hot standby

Founded in 1999, Guotai Junan (GtJa) is one of the largest securities companies in China in terms of company size, business scope and geographical coverage. GtJa looked for an easily installed and maintained call recording solution
with better reliability and scalability. dupliCaLL has provided GtJa with a redundant call recording system. the two
active recording systems are required to be managed separately, each with the capability to analyze and compare
the amounts of recordings and actual calls, in order to verify the completeness of the recordings. the dC-LOG es
recording system streams media from two groups of mirror ports separately to the two active systems, while resolving Cisco skinny protocol to capture call information.


Shenwan Hongyuan Securities

Huawei IP recording / 1000 Ch

Shenwan Hongyuan Securies (Shenwan Hongyuan) is the first securities company to be incorporated in China. The firm has developed into a large and comprehensive securities company with about 8,000 employees and a registered capital of CNY 33bn. DupliCALL provided recording solution for the contact center, and has deployed respectively 500Ch IP recording solutions in Shanghai and Xinjiang office. The recording system acquires Huawei IP signaling and media from span port, and is integrated with the Shenwan Hongyuan’s business system so that users can search and playback recordings from their system.


Guosen Securities Co., Ltd.

Huawei IP recording / 600 Ch concurrent

Guoxin Securities Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Shenzhen Guotou Securities Co., Ltd., established on June 30, 1994.
Guosen Securities Co., Ltd. uses Huawei’s communications platform to achieve recording of a total of 600Ch IP telephones at its two customer service centers. The system adopts a distributed deployment and a centralized management architecture and requires integration with the customer service platform.
DCLog ES acquires the signaling and voice streams of Huawei’s communication platform through data mirroring and packet capture. The B/S architecture fully allows simple operation process, more effective management measures, more convenience for customers to customize a variety of personalized needs.


Huaxin Securities

Huawei IP recording / 300Ch users, 60Ch concurrent

Shanghai Huaxin Securities Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 in Shanghai, China and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Huaxin International Group Co., Ltd.
Huaxin Securities uses U300 Huawei PBX, the company’s 300 office phones for recording.
DCLOG ES obtains mirror data through Huawei SBC . The network switch sends call data to the recording server through the mirror port. Customers accesses DCLog through WEB to retrieve the recordings, and periodically exports the recording files to other storage devices for backup.


Ping An Technology

Huawei IP Recording / 300 Ch Concurrent

Ping An Wecontact is a PaaS-based enterprise cloud communication product by Ping An Technologies, which is characterized by its security, intelligence, efficiency and stability, and provides communication application services for enterprise users.
Ping An Wecontact uses Huawei U2900 voice switches to build a secure cloud-based contact platform on. Users register with softphone to the platform to make calls.
The DCLOG ES mirrors the U2900 data through a network switch to acquire SIP signaling data and voice data. The user can access the recording system through WEB to retrieve the recording records, and manage correspondingly with the business system.


Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)

Avaya IP Recording / 50 Ch concurrent

Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) is the world’s leading producer of chemicals, fertilizers, plastics and metals with a customer contact center in Guangzhou.
DCLog ES builds a high-quality IP recording system for its customer call center in Guangzhou. The recording server captures the voice data of an IP phone through the mirrored port on the network switch and parses the Avaya H.323 protocol for call information for voice recording.

Government agencies


Hubei Tobacco Monopoly Administration

Avaya IP Recording / 300 Ch concurrent

Hubei bureau of State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (Hubei Tobacco) has multiple contact centers in different
municipalities deployed with avaya PBX and IVR, all using the avaya aes in the province center. as the calls are di-
aled out by IVR, the called numbers are not included in the mirror data of IP extensions. dupliCaLL developed TSAPI interface to capture call information from avaya aes interface, combined them with media mirrored from network switch to achieve recording.

Public utilities

Hunan 120 Emergency Medical Center

Alcatel Digital & Analog Phones Recording / 24 Ch Concurrent

The 120 emergency Medical Center of Hunan province looked for a call logging solution for call centers in three
municipalities (Liling, Xiangtan, and Zhuzhou) where calls are made from softphone. It is required to capture caller and called Id, while enabling users to search and playback recordings in their MIs (management information system).
Using ai-Logix Ld series and NGX series recording board, dC-LOG es acquires caller and called Id from integration
with CtI, providing Restful aPI to integrate the search and playback function into customer’s MIs.