Software Processing Flow

The intelligent counter service compliance management solution launched by DupliCALL flexibly combines voice, video, and screen recording functions. It also reserves functional modules for intelligent quality inspection and data visualization to achieve centralized data management.
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Solution Coverage

Counter Voice Recording Counter Video Recording Counter Screen Recording
Record face-to-face voice during business operation Record face-to-face video during business operation Record computer screen during business operation

Solution Features

Software Processing Flow

Intelligent quality inspection system receives the processed data results for secondary processing

Data processing on voice, video and screen recording file are performed through integration with the AI engine

Administrator can manage, search and playback the voice, video, and screen recording files synchronously through the web browser

System provides API for business system to search, playback, and download voice/ video/ screen recording files.

H.265 video encoding format is used to transmit video data, and voice encoding supports multiple formats such as PCM and G.729

Voice/ video/ screen recording files are stored in the recording server. Simultaneously, all files are also configurable for archive

Data centre recording system deployment is formed by database server, storage server, alarm server, and centralized management server

Install the screen recording application on the required agent PC. The terminal application will establish communication with the screen recording server and upload the screen data to the screen recording server. Simultaneously, the recorded index data is written into database server through the management platform