Smarter Quality Management, Better Customer Experiences

Every customer interaction is an opportunity. Every interaction with customers is a good opportunity to effectively improve customer relations, customer loyalty and customer demand analysis. Duplicall’s intelligent product ISCM can effectively shorten the feedback cycle of customer experience through automatic recording, intelligent analysis, and evaluation of each service. Management can mine customer needs thought the analysis of customer behaviour records and obtain an effective basis for making management decision to improve customer experience. ISCM can also extract valuable data from enormous number of miscellaneous data, and help management gain insight into market opportunities, thus enable management to achieve company goals and enhance their core competitiveness.

Capture & Evaluate Every Customer Interaction

Consistency in multi-source data services. Record and evaluate every communication and interaction with customers through telephone, e-mail, instant messaging, and social media, which not only keep the consistency of services, but also maintain the service quality at a high level.

Compliance in multi-source data Security and Regulations. While recording every interaction with customers, ISCM will meet the requirements of regulatory authorities’ requirements for data encryption and data storage security. If DCLog is set to use the PCI DSS function, ISCM will not record the customer’s sensitive information. While protecting the customer’s privacy, it will not destroy the integrity of the records and the assessable value of the data.


Drive KPI Practice

Get immediate results through out of the box scoring tools. One-time call resolution rate, customer satisfaction, sales success rate, service script and execution rate can be obtained immediately through the pre-set matrix or design your own to fit your unique business needs in the evaluation report.

Create reports and dashboards that can be flexibly customized. Focus on the business diversity and process differentiation of companies, ISCM creates an overall statistical report that matches specific business objectives and specific business processes. ISCM also provides customizable report services to meet your special business need. Even agents have access to customizable dashboards and reports to keep a watch on the metrics that matter most to them.

Let the voice of customers drive the improvement of service quality. The feedback mechanism of customers after the call is integrated into ISCM, which can be accessed to view the customer’s feedback as a reference for evaluating the quality of service. At the same time, it can track the customer’s behaviour, and analyse the customer’s behaviour to further understand the customer’s needs and improve the service quality based on the customer feedback and behaviour analysis.

Provide on-demand analysis. In combination with DCLog real time monitoring of the call activities, it can view the operation of agent’s computer screen in real time, obtain the agent’s feedback in time, especially for remote agents, and provide the required agent performance matrix to the management. Present on-demand KPIs to key stakeholders and drive value across the contact centre and across the business.

Macro and Micro View of Opereation

Comprehensive understanding of the customer experience. By analysis, the record files of voice, video and screen records with quality scores can result to achieve a more intelligent and comprehensive overview of customer interaction quality.

Quickly drill down to the finest details of the service. ISCM can use configured or self-defined elements of data mark, tags, keywords of services and other conditions to search effectively and quickly from a large amount of customer interaction data. Accurate multi-sources data can be obtained and evaluated to improve service efficiency. By using data mining and data analysis functions, management can quickly conduct full comprehensive analysis from the massive voice data, and quickly identify problems in the operation and drill down to the finest details of the service. ISCM can strengthen management the ability of business analysis and predictions.

Analysis driven Quality Management. Seamlessly integrated tools such as quality management, decision analysis and advanced reports to refine data to form an easy-to-understand reports and curves for management to study and make judgement. By Optimize the business processes based on forecasting demand, build, allocate and manage resources to achieve a balance between quality of service and operational cost.

Improve Employee Engagement

Achieve a timely feedback loop. DCLog is used to real time monitor the call and screen operation of agents, ISCM is used to evaluate the call service quality. Based on these monitoring results, by conduct performance assessment, management can give the agents an instant feedback and advice and share the excellent practice cases with the agents by just one click. As a result, agents can improve their skills and business proficiency quickly.

Motivate agents with benign competition. Use the built-in game incentive mechanism. Create a scoring benchmark, set the target value, and display the winning ranking list, and use an honour reward mechanism like the badge incentive to encourage benign competition among the agents, reward the positive behaviour of the agents, thus promote the skill growth of the agents.


Make the AI More Like Human

Improve the service experience of voice robots. Intelligent voice robots have helped companies better serve customers with AI technologies, which has rapidly and widely promoted voice robots in various industries. Communication and chat with voice robots have been gradually accepted by the public. The service experience of voice robots has become increasingly important.

ISCM is applied to the quality inspection of voice robot. ISCM can help to evaluate the service quality of voice robots, analyse the service content and customer feedback of voice robots, master the insensitivity and satisfaction of customers to the robot service experience, and help robots recognize their inhumanity, thus improve the customer service experience.

Easy to Use Quality Management Tools

Create a central command centre. The assessment tools, DCLog and ISCM, are displayed in a centralized manner, and seamless switch between. In the unified interface, you can access voice and video files, screen recording files, and view evaluation reports. ISCM also provide flexible display design tool. Users can customize the dashboard to display the most valuable information according to their needs.

Simplify reporting. Simply click to export call data in batches. Automatically create customize quality management reports. By using these reports to view the quality management data and combining these data with the HR management policies and analysis can obtain a more comprehensive view of the quality performance of the operation and enable to effectively improve the service quality of the agents’ work and optimize the service processes.

Automatic monitor system for system down. Provide instant message notification, check, and manage potential errors in advance, thus greatly reduce system downtime.


Product Combination Provides Complete Solution

ISCM is a member of the enterprise “Security and Compliance” intelligent management product family. By combining DCLog, ISCM, IBAE, SoIP, MoIP, VideoOPTI and other products, it can form a complete and flexible total solution for “Security and Compliance” intelligent management. Each of these products can be used separately or in combination. It helps enterprises discover, stop, and prevent risks and reduce damage loss caused.

  Speech recognition
The advanced speech recognition engine used for speech transcribing, speaker separation, mute detection, speech speed detection, keyword extraction, and generate the corresponding text
Quality management strategy
Flexible and configurable quality management strategies, including but not limited to quality inspection scenarios such as service specifications, polite expressions, opening and closing remarks, speaking speed, silence time etc…
Visual playback
Visual display of call sound, content, and time axis
Separation of incoming and outgoing words
Cursor accompanying corresponding text during voice playback
Rapid positioning at any position during voice inspection and testing
Full text search
Clearly mark and display differently the call content, the agents, and the call content of the customer.
Search based on business model and data of the business point, can quickly lock the business demand information
Automatic full quality inspection
Conduct full pre inspection on enormous number of voice files, comprehensively monitor the speech speed, tone, standard language script, and the use of prohibited language of the agents in the service processes, timely track the high-risk call and forward it to the supervisor or manager for manual review
Data Mining
Enable quality management data statistics, risk analysis, root cause analysis, hotspot trend analysis etc., locate the root causes of abnormal businesses such as abnormal traffic and customer loss, identify business hotspots and their trends, thus provide data base for business improvement and marketing activities
Manual quality inspection
It supports manual quality inspection after the analysis results of automatic quality inspection to improve the accuracy of the results

Complete Product Suite, Provide Possibility for Sustainable Development

We intensively focus on R&D and develop “security & compliance” intelligent management related products. After years investment and research, we have accumulated rich industry leading experience in “security” and “compliance” and have developed a complete product series to provide customers with solutions at various stages of “security” and “compliance”. As the AI technology becomes increasingly mature, we will adopt more AI technology to develop our intelligent products to meet the “safety & compliance” need in the market and its sustainable development.

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