In response to the CIRC, the CBRC and CSRC, DupliCALL introduced the voice, video and screen recording solution for the financial and insurance industry. It features flexible combination of voice, video and screen recording functions, basing on IP network deployment, adopted high compression format, supports a variety of mobile terminals, and allows unified management.

Application Scenario

Product Coverage

Voice and video monitoring
at station side
Mobile voice and video
recording monitoring
Computer operation
Telephone call
Face-to-face video during business operations
Face-to-face voice during business operations (can be used independently)
Face-to-face videos recording during business operations
Face-to-face voice during business operations (can be used independently)
Record business operation on the
computer screen
Record landline calls during
business operations

Unified Management

Intelligent Analysis

Real-time Voice Transcription Keyword Analysis Emotional Analysis Voiceprint Authentication
The recording between the company agent and the customer is transcribed into text in real time. This helps the agent instant respond to the customer’s request and provide verbal professional suggestions, thus improving the service quality.   All kinds of analysis can be done on recordings through pre-set keyword policies, such as real-time monitoring of sensitive high-risk words, offline quality inspection, etc.   Statistically calculate agents’ emotions in different periods, analyse the emotional changes of the agent and customer. Next, analyse and understand under what circumstances customers are easily and emotionally triggered.   By comparing the speaker’s voice with the voiceprint registered in the database, the authentication of the speaker can be judged. This helps agent to verify the user’s identity while allowing users to conduct identify verification through voice at any places.

All-in-one Recording

SIP terminal equipment to collect and transmit audio / video data
Independent network deployment, separated from existing business networks
Originated from IP switching technology, reliable solution, flexible deployment
H.264 video coding, docking face recognition system
Restful API makes customization and secondary development more convenient
Can be used for local, public cloud, private cloud deployment
Microphone with noise reduction and beam forming technology
Supports multiple voice encoding formats, easy to integrate artificial intelligence
Proven voice and video recording technology for call center appled in the telecom service center
Independent to the existing security network, easy docking with business systems
Supports advanced video encoding format including H.264 and H.265
Distributed deployment, centralized deployment, hybrid deployment, cloud deployment, flexible solutions

Dedicated Hardware Devices

Audio and video capturing terminal
(SIP protocol, voice and video recording)
Beam forming unidirectional / bidirectional / omnidirectional microphones
DC-AP1101 DC-AP1122 DC-MIC200