DupliCALL’s newly developed voice and video recording system is specially designed for security monitoring. It features unified management of data, offers video recording functions which improves the traditional recording system, integrates the voice and video recording of intercom with that of phones, helps users to dock the security system with telephone system, achieves the query, analysis, alarm, management of surveillance recordings.


The basis of the SIP-based access control intercom system is an IP network, which achieves a fully digitalized access control intercom, and overcomes the disadvantages of the original access control intercom system that uses analog signals that has a single function and is easy to receive interference. The SIP-based system can achieves both voice and video communication between any two nodes on the network. Moreover, as it adopted standard application level protocol, therefore simplified the system upgrade and expansion, the maintainance is relatively easier, and different systems can better work together.

Product Features

Intercom video and audio synchronization

Records communications between the guest and the owner through the intercoms and the surveillance cameras, supports video resolutions from SD to HD. Users can playback the video recording simultaneously.

System integration, unified management

The recording files are sent to a unified management server, so that managers can manage intercom recordings in a centralized manner. Users can customize the file retention period, export or backup the files.

Reduce file storage costs
Recorded audio files is stored in G.729 compression format. Required communication bandwidth is only 8Kbps, 1/8 of the ordinary code. Video files is stored in H.264 compression format. Under the same image quality conditions, H.264 technology can greatly reduce the bandwidth required during network transmission and therefor lowering the file storage costs.
Alarm and retrieve
The system automatically processes and classifies the data and indexes it to ensure that managers can quickly search the specified intercom recording and recording based on the keyword information. When the remaining storage space is less than the set alarm threshold, the system will notify the administrator in the manner specified by the user. DCLog provides a comprehensive video recording search conditions, including the date, time, calling number, call direction, talk time and so on. Users can also add custom tags to the file for category management.