Quick and Accurate On-site Communication is Very Important

TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) is a set of standards developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), which describes the mobile communication infrastructure in whole Europe. This infrastructure is mainly aimed at the mobile radio needs of public safety groups (such as police and fire departments), public service companies and other enterprises providing voice and data communication services.

All these groups are high-end users of Private/Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) or Public Access Mobile Radio (PAMR) technology. This is heavily used in the field of law enforcement and public safety, where fast and accurate on-site communication to the central office or dispatcher is often critical. TETRA is the standard solution for the groups using PMR and PAMR. Based on digital trunking radio technology, TETRA is considered to be the next-generation architecture and standard for the current analog PMR and PAMR markets. TETRA actually obtains its distinguishing features from several different technical fields.

DupliCALL wireless intercom audio and video recording system can perfectly support TETRA 800m cluster and Huawei eLTE broadband cluster. It provides full recording and centralized management capabilities for voice dispatch (such as private/ individual call, group call, broadcast or emergency call) and visual dispatch (limited to Huawei eLTE).

Support Linux and Windows OS, Better Fulfil Maintenance Requirements

Besides from supporting various versions of the Microsoft Windows OS, DCLog also support other Linux OS with x86 architecture system such as CentOS, Euler, OpenEuler, Redhat, SUSE, ubuntu and UOS; and Linux OS with arm architecture system such as OpenEuler and UOS. Above mentioned Linux OS will be an important consideration since public cloud and private cloud of software are slowly migrating to Linux OS.

Product Combination Provides Complete Solution

DCLog is one of the customer experience intelligence management product series. Products such as ISCM, IBAE, SoIP, MoIP, IMAM, VideoOPTI, etc. can be formed as a complete yet flexible intelligent security and compliance management solution. Each product from the combination can also be used alone or combined used. Furthermore, it effectively helps companies to promptly discover and eliminate risks while keeping the damage at minimum. Ultimately, makes better use of safety and compliance to create greater value.

Traditional Deployment Solution

Challenges of traditional deployment solution
Only supports group call recording
Unable to search recording by radio ID
High cost as multiple locations require multiple servers to be deployed
Each call group needs an analog output basic unit
Most of the latest wireless radio recording solutions do not provide analog output basic units

Industry-leading Deployment Solution

DupliCALL is an IP-based deployment solution
Centralized recording
Recording file encryption
Support hybrid recording
Pure IP solution, does not rely on hardware
Able to record private/individual call, group call, broadcast and emergency call
Call information can be obtained, including call type (private/individual call, point call, OTA encryption, emergency call, etc.)
Deployment solution based on eLTE

  • Professional broadband trunking supports visual dispatch
    Support video dispatch: video uploading, video distribution, and live visualization
    Support voice group call, emergency call, and priority call while realizing timely issuance of alarm
    Group call delay < 300ms, priority delay < 150ms. The maximum bandwidth is 50M upstream and 100M downstream
  • Automatic audio and video recording for Huawei EP820 and other wireless handheld stations
    Video private/individual call, video playback
    Voice private/individual call, POC group call, multicast group call, POC broadcast, multicast broadcast, emergency call
  • Support search and playback for audio and video
    Supports playback
    Supports file retrieval
    Support fuzzy inquiry by calling and called numbers


Support recording file exporting and mail sending   AES 256-bit encryption,
Ensures file security
  Support additional call information provided by the associated CTI   Call type classification, private/individual call, group call and broadcast
电话录音、录音系统、录音电话、电话录音系统、IP电话录音、IP录音系统、录音仪、录音盒、网络电话录音、智能录音系统、办公电话录音、云录音、对讲机录音、数字录音系统、语音录音系统、柜台窗口录音、合规双录、金融双录、双录   电话录音、录音系统、录音电话、电话录音系统、IP电话录音、IP录音系统、录音仪、录音盒、网络电话录音、智能录音系统、办公电话录音、云录音、对讲机录音、数字录音系统、语音录音系统、柜台窗口录音、合规双录、金融双录、双录    电话录音、录音系统、录音电话、电话录音系统、IP电话录音、IP录音系统、录音仪、录音盒、网络电话录音、智能录音系统、办公电话录音、云录音、对讲机录音、数字录音系统、语音录音系统、柜台窗口录音、合规双录、金融双录、双录   
Flexible deployment, Distributed deployment and centralized deployment are optional   Third-party interface, Recording control, file search and playback   Perfect permission control, Managed by permission and operation authority   Simple configuration management interface, Import user ID and group ID in batch
 电话录音、录音系统、录音电话、电话录音系统、IP电话录音、IP录音系统、录音仪、录音盒、网络电话录音、智能录音系统、办公电话录音、云录音、对讲机录音、数字录音系统、语音录音系统、柜台窗口录音、合规双录、金融双录、双录    电话录音、录音系统、录音电话、电话录音系统、IP电话录音、IP录音系统、录音仪、录音盒、网络电话录音、智能录音系统、办公电话录音、云录音、对讲机录音、数字录音系统、语音录音系统、柜台窗口录音、合规双录、金融双录、双录   电话录音、录音系统、录音电话、电话录音系统、IP电话录音、IP录音系统、录音仪、录音盒、网络电话录音、智能录音系统、办公电话录音、云录音、对讲机录音、数字录音系统、语音录音系统、柜台窗口录音、合规双录、金融双录、双录     电话录音、录音系统、录音电话、电话录音系统、IP电话录音、IP录音系统、录音仪、录音盒、网络电话录音、智能录音系统、办公电话录音、云录音、对讲机录音、数字录音系统、语音录音系统、柜台窗口录音、合规双录、金融双录、双录
Voice+video+screen recording playback on the same screen [Video is limited to eLTE]   Media type classification, Clear voice, video and screen recording   Real-time system status monitoring and alarm, Monitor and manage the system operating status   Various recording search methods (Talkgroup, ZoneID, UnitID, SiteID)

All New Recording System, Provide Solution to 100% Conversation Compliance

Listening to each recording require huge manpower and not all recorded conversations are being listened to locate an issue. Random listening is being used to actively locate an issue and due to the massive amount of recording, only management compliance effect is effective but not actual effect. With the application of artificial intelligence technology, recording system able to provide full intelligent compliance and visualized subtitles. This is helping company to increase the intelligent security and compliance management into another high level, to prepare for any internal and external challenges.

Feature Comparison List
Standard Recording System/ Intelligent Recording System
DCLog Product Series DCLog ES (Standard)
(Enterprise Standard)
DCLog EP (Intelligent)
(Enterprise Professional)
DCLog EC (Intelligent)
(Enterprise Compliance)
Database Platform/ Intelligent Technology SQL Related Database
SQL Related Database
ASR Voice Recognition Engine
Search and Playback Recording Method Search based on SQL rule
Search based on keyword  一
Dual wave visualized playback
Dual subtitle visualized playback
Intelligent Tagging/ Violation Detection Preset violation rule
Auto tagging violated calls
Manual evaluation on violated calls
Intelligent Tagging/ Call Type Categorization Preset categorize rule
Auto tagging based on rules
Manual evaluation based on type
Remark: Intelligent recording system can be applied in various scenario, this table is only displaying example of Intelligent Tagging for Violation Detection and Call Type Categorization. Please contact us for more scenario.

Complete Product Suite, Provide Possibility for Sustainable Development

We intensively focus on R&D and develop “security & compliance” intelligent management related products. After years investment and research, we have accumulated rich industry leading experience in “security” and “compliance” and have developed a complete product series to provide customers with solutions at various stages of “security” and “compliance”. As the AI technology becomes increasingly mature, we will adopt more AI technology to develop our intelligent products to meet the “safety & compliance” need in the market and its sustainable development.

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