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Voice, Video and Screen Recording for Financial Industry

Unified Communications Voice, Video and Screen Recording

SIP Intercom Voice and Video Recording

All new recording system, provide solution to 100% conversation compliance

Listening to each recording require huge manpower and not all recorded conversations are being listened to locate an issue. Random listening is being used to actively locate an issue and due to the massive amount of recording, only management compliance effect is effective but not actual effect. With the application of artificial intelligence technology, recording system able to provide full intelligent compliance and visualized subtitles. This is helping company to increase the intelligent security and compliance management into another high level, to prepare for any internal and external challenges.

Feature Comparison List
Standard Recording System/ Intelligent Recording System
DCLog Product Series DCLog ES (Standard)
(Enterprise Standard)
DCLog EP (Intelligent)
(Enterprise Professional)
DCLog EC (Intelligent)
(Enterprise Compliance)
Database Platform/ Intelligent Technology SQL Related Database
Elastic Corporation Search
ASR Voice Recognition Engine
Search and Playback Recording Method Search based on SQL rule
Search based on keyword  一
Dual wave visualized playback
Dual subtitle visualized playback
Intelligent Tagging/ Violation Detection Preset violation rule
Auto tagging violated calls
Manual evaluation on violated calls
Intelligent Tagging/ Call Type Categorization Preset categorize rule
Auto tagging based on rules
Manual evaluation based on type

Remark: Intelligent recording system can be applied in various scenario, this table is only displaying example of Intelligent Tagging for Violation Detection and Call Type Categorization. Please contact us for more scenario.