How Can You Quickly Contact the One Who Can Support You When You Need Help?

In the era of rapid development of intelligent technology, simple tasks are increasingly replaced by voice robots, mobile apps, web 3 and other communication channels, while the more complex, comprehensive, and urgent business processes are left to people. As a result, especially in call centre, employee will encounter situations which need to seek the help of colleagues in such situation. SoIP light can help you to quickly locate the colleagues who are available to help you.

How Can You Quickly Locate Colleagues Who are Available to Service When Customer is in Hurry or Lost Patience to Wait?

If the employee needs to answer the customer’s questions or transfer to another person immediately, the multi-purpose status indicator, SoIP Light, can clearly show which colleagues are free to provide services. The status indicator, SoIP Light, can enable the employee to transfer calls to colleagues or seek the support of colleagues faster. As a result, the waiting time of customers can be minimized, and the employee can win time, avoid creating poor customer emotions, improve customer satisfaction and event handling efficiency through rapid collaboration.

How Can We Improve Team Working Efficiency Without Sacrificing Customer Satisfaction?

Managers often face great challenge to improve customer satisfaction, to maximize team efficiency and minimise cost at the same time. One way to achieve this is to dig out all the available resources and fully utilize them. With multi-purpose status indicator, SoIP Light, the managers can clearly monitor the status of each member or employee in call centres and enable managers to response immediately and fully utilize these resources and their working time.

How Can We Improve Staff Collaboration, Customer Satisfaction and Retain Employees?

The status indicator SoIP can immediately show the supervisor who is free and available to take calls, thus minimizes the retention time involved in transferring or allocating calls. SoIP also enables the employee to find other available colleagues to help answer questions or transfer calls when necessary. This can help the employee to directly solve customer problems with the help of their peers and avoid escalation to upper level, thus minimize the frustration of staff and improve retention of employees.

SoIP Light Extend SoIP, DCLog to Cover the Function of Multiple Purpose Status Indication.

Support the CTI interfaces of communication platforms that DCLog can support, including Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Huawei, mitel, NEC, sip, unify, ZTE etc. for details, please contact our sales representative.
Support cloud communication software suitable for SoIP, including dingtalk, Skype, teams, wechat, zoom etc. for details, please contact our sales representative.
As the name suggests, the multi-purpose status indicator is multi-purpose, and its application scope is far beyond the display of busy and idle status. Duplicall adheres to the spirit of continuous innovation and will continue to develop the application of SoIP light and bringing value to our customers.

Complete Product Suite, Provide Possibility for Sustainable Development

We intensively focus on R&D and develop “security & compliance” intelligent management related products. After years investment and research, we have accumulated rich industry leading experience in “security” and “compliance” and have developed a complete product series to provide customers with solutions at various stages of “security” and “compliance”. As the AI technology becomes increasingly mature, we will adopt more AI technology to develop our intelligent products to meet the “safety & compliance” need in the market and its sustainable development.

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