Capture Every Voice in the Meeting

Capture all the voice of participants in meeting. MoIP all-in-one machine capture the speeches of the participants in the conference room completely and safely into data files that can be played repeatedly. Complying with the industry safety and compliance standard, MoIP ensures 100% voice capture without losing, and push the record files to the Speech to Text AI engine through IBAE (bridge to AI engine).

Forward each meeting record in real time. IBAE (bridge to AI engine) is an innovative, open, and compatible tool for meeting recording. It can forward meeting voice records to various AI engine manufacturers and platforms after capture.

AI Technologies Facilitate Instant Preparation of Meeting Minutes

In traditional meeting, it is necessary to have a secretary to record the meeting contents and prepare the meeting minutes, sort, and file accordingly. This method relies too much on the secretary and cannot guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of the minutes. With the continuous development and popularization of AI technology, enterprises began to use the AI platform to convert the meeting content into text in full and real time. This improves the efficiency of meeting minutes preparation. IBAE provides flexible bridging to various AI engine to meet this need.

Integrated Recording and Forwarding, Ease Deploy and Operate

Convenient all-in-one deployment scheme, easily manage conference voice records and conference information. Obtain the voice data in the conference through the standard 3.5mm audio interface, and obtain the conference number, microphone position and other relevant information through the standard restful API interface, which facilitate to integrate with the conference management system or other third-party applications. While recording voice, conference voice records can also be forwarded to the AI platform in real time. Companies can freely choose AI engine manufacturers such as Alibaba, Baidu, iFLYTEK, Google etc.; and freely choose the engine type, such as ASR, emotion recognition, which are easy to deploy, operate and maintain.

Real time voice data forwarding improves the data processing efficiency of the conference management system. Forwarding the voice records in the meeting to various AI engines in real time can make the meeting minutes preparation more efficient and enrich the application functions of the meeting management system.

Standard Interface to Conference Management System

MoIP iBAE can seamlessly connect with any conference management system (or other third-party systems) through the standard API interface. In combination with the meeting minutes, the voice record files of meeting contents can be accessed and listened to help improve their efficiency and accuracy.

Comply with Industry Regulations and Avoid Compliance Risks

Comprehensive monitoring to ensure compliance. Based on 100% conference room voice capture, combined with AI, and supplemented by data analysis tools, the authenticity, accuracy, and integrity of the conference content can be guaranteed to the greatest extent without any false records, misleading statements, or major omissions, IBAE help to achieve conference content compliance, regulatory compliance, behaviour compliance and KPI compliance.

Ensure query accuracy to meet with security and compliance requirements. The all-in-one machine can quickly and efficiently search the voice files you want to query through time information, channel information and text information, thus, providing a basis for enterprise to locate and restore the real situation to avoid risks.

Data Accuracy

IBAE automatically organizes and classifies meeting recording files. By using keywords, or voice to text, or abnormal pause, or repeated words, or speech speed and other criteria, according to the pre-set logic, the system can automatically mark and classify the recording files. By connecting with the speech recognition engine, the system can also convert all the speech data into text data. Through the search of the converted text files by specific text information the accuracy of the classification can be verify.

Support Linux and Windows OS, Better Fulfil Maintenance Requirements

Besides from supporting various versions of the Microsoft Windows OS, DCLog also support other Linux OS with x86 architecture system such as CentOS, Euler, OpenEuler, Redhat, SUSE, ubuntu and UOS; and Linux OS with arm architecture system such as OpenEuler and UOS. Above mentioned Linux OS will be an important consideration since public cloud and private cloud of software are slowly migrating to Linux OS. 

Product Combination Provides Complete Solution

MoIP & iBAE is a member of the enterprise “Security and Compliance” intelligent management product family. By combining DCLog, ISCM, IBAE, SoIP, MoIP, VideoOPTI and other products, it can form a complete and flexible total solution for “Security and Compliance” intelligent management. Each of these products can be used separately or in combination. It helps enterprises discover, stop, and prevent risks and reduce damage loss caused.

Complete Product Suite, Provide Possibility for Sustainable Development

We intensively focus on R&D and develop “security & compliance” intelligent management related products. After years investment and research, we have accumulated rich industry leading experience in “security” and “compliance” and have developed a complete product series to provide customers with solutions at various stages of “security” and “compliance”. As the AI technology becomes increasingly mature, we will adopt more AI technology to develop our intelligent products to meet the “safety & compliance” need in the market and its sustainable development.

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