Record Each Interaction Across the Counters in Physical Store

Record each interaction across the counters in physical store. When company is providing services or promoting their products to customer through physical stores, the combination of MoIP, SoIP and DCLog record the voice and video of each interaction between counter representative and customer. Besides that, it also records customer interaction based on computer desktop. DCLog provides quick and efficient search feature to locate the voice, video and screen recording files from thousands of recordings by searching through customer identify information and other related service information. Ultimately, this provides a basis support for contact centers to quickly resolve disputes, a method to mitigate business risks, a channel to listen to customers’ needs, and also a guarantee for physical stores to achieve KPI targets.


Improve Efficiency and Ensure Physical Store Security and Compliance

Standardize sales behaviour, achieve business tracing and meet regulatory requirements. External directional or omnidirectional microphone is used to collect precise sound while high-definition camera is connected to obtain the image synchronously. With the combination of screen recording on counter personnel computer, the process is connected and recorded, which effectively standardizes the counter personnel operation process and greatly improves business processing efficiency and customer experience.


Let Branch Manager Listen to the Counter Interaction

Allow branch manager to handle customer complaints on counter interaction based on the voice and video recording files. When customers are dissatisfied with service interaction, they often request for branch manager. The manager can recap the service interaction according to the voice, video and screen recoding files, and judges how to compensate the customer relationship, or turns the conflict into an opportunity. Through recording and quality inspection of the whole service process, mangers accurately judge the service quality and standard of employees. Hence company can comprehensively grasp the status and quality of counter services, then probe and resolve problems in time.


Let Contact Center Listen to the Counter Interaction

The contact center can handle complaints about customer counter interaction. When customers are dissatisfied with service interaction, they might contact the contact center to complain. Contact center agents need to listen the service interaction process, video and screen operation process of the counter to judge the controversial service interaction. Therefore, it is very important to manage the customer interaction of physical stores and contact centers in a centralized method. Search and playback of the interaction between customers and physical stores from the contact centers provides manager an intuitive display of the behaviour track and emotional expression during the interaction between agents and customers.


Centralized Manage Contact Center and Physical Store Requirements

Connect and forecast customer requirements. As a customer walks into the physical store and sits in front of the counter, a summary of the customer’s needs from past interaction with the contact center will be displayed on the screen. This helps the counter representative to better grasp the requirement of customer interaction and provide better services. When a customer contacts an agent for service, the agent also able to receive a demand forecast. Thereby, promotes contact center service to be more effective.


Product Combination Provides Complete Solution

MoIP is one of the customer experience intelligence management product series. Products such as DCLog, ISCM, IBAE, SoIP, IMAM, VideoOPTI, etc. can be formed as a complete yet flexible intelligent security and compliance management solution. Each product from the combination can also be used alone or combined used. Furthermore, it effectively helps companies to promptly discover and eliminate risks while keeping the damage at minimum. Ultimately, makes better use of safety and compliance to create greater value.



Flexible Recording Control Conditions
(Sound, Keyboard, Time range)


Record on Demand


Mute Detection, Mute Compression


Support Various Coding Format


Support Various File Archive Protocol


Support AoIP HD Sound Card


Window Popup Alarm for Abnormal Channel


Support Live Forwarding Voice Stream



All New Recording System, Provide Solution to 100% Conversation Compliance

Listening to each recording require huge manpower and not all recorded conversations are being listened to locate an issue. Random listening is being used to actively locate an issue and due to the massive amount of recording, only management compliance effect is effective but not actual effect. With the application of artificial intelligence technology, recording system able to provide full intelligent compliance and visualized subtitles. This is helping company to increase the intelligent security and compliance management into another high level, to prepare for any internal and external challenges.

Feature Comparison List
Standard Recording System/ Intelligent Recording System
DCLog Product Series DCLog ES (Standard)
(Enterprise Standard)
DCLog EP (Intelligent)
(Enterprise Professional)
DCLog EC (Intelligent)
(Enterprise Compliance)
Database Platform/ Intelligent Technology SQL Related Database
SQL Related Database
ASR Voice Recognition Engine
Search and Playback Recording Method Search based on SQL rule
Search based on keyword  一
Dual wave visualized playback
Dual subtitle visualized playback
Intelligent Tagging/ Violation Detection Preset violation rule 
Auto tagging violated calls 
Manual evaluation on violated calls
Intelligent Tagging/ Call Type Categorization Preset categorize rule
Auto tagging based on rules
Manual evaluation based on type
Remark: Intelligent recording system can be applied in various scenario, this table is only displaying example of Intelligent Tagging for Violation Detection and Call Type Categorization. Please contact us for more scenario.


Complete Product Suite, Provide Possibility for Sustainable Development

We intensively focus on R&D and develop “security & compliance” intelligent management related products. After years investment and research, we have accumulated rich industry leading experience in “security” and “compliance” and have developed a complete product series to provide customers with solutions at various stages of “security” and “compliance”. As the AI technology becomes increasingly mature, we will adopt more AI technology to develop our intelligent products to meet the “safety & compliance” need in the market and its sustainable development.


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