DupliCALL focus on intelligent corporate security and compliance management,

data value mining and analysis

Intelligent security and compliance management. Most of the corporate business activity involve massive amount of sensitive user information. These activities are usually carried out in the highly concerned and strict supervised industries including finance, telecommunications, public security, public utilities, etc. Most of the risk are caused during the operation process or by the operator behavior. Unreasonable operation process and lack of awareness on security or compliance of the operators are the main lead to the cause of risk, which might affect the corporate revenue in the long run. Our core business is to ensure the security of each data, protect the privacy of each client, analyze and prevent illegal violations. Our technology, product and solution are meant to stop any potential risk in time before damage is done, which assist corporations in creating corporate value by the better use of security and compliance.

DupliCALL is a solution provider focusing in intelligent security and compliance management. Our solution users included banking insurance, securities funds, government services, telecommunications and broadcasting, public utilities, public security, electricity and energy, transportation and other industries. Our company has established its branch offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Changsha with its headquarters in Shanghai as the center. Company has established overseas sales company and service networks in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Kuala Lumpur. DupliCALL has been dedicated to providing a complete intelligent security and compliance management solution to Greater China and other Asian regions.

Data value mining and analysis. Regulations require capture and recording the interactions between all regulated users to help corporations strengthen the supervision of employees’ operational behavior and provide workflow management and investigation supporting tools. Recorded data can be categorized managed, mining statistics, discovering value, giving back to the organization, triggering optimization, and leading changes. This better ensure the safety and compliance of organizations and form a closed-loop evolution from data recording to management changes.

With years of accumulated industry experience, DupliCALL has established a good customer base in the SME intelligent security and compliance management market segment. We have always believed that customer interaction must not be limited to the telephony system, but in every corner of the organization. We have been working hard to record and centralized manage the data generated from office phone to contact center, from retail store to face-to-face, from voice communication to text communication and from computer screen to video.

Empowered by artificial intelligence technology. With the continuous development of modern artificial intelligence technology, more and more media data analysis methods are available for use. Intelligent recognition technologies such as speech recognition, semantic understanding, and graphic recognition can transform large amounts of unstructured data into structured data in a more accurate and efficient way. Voiceprint recognition, face recognition and other biometric technologies can align these data to people in the interaction, thus ensuring the authenticity and security of the data. We believe that with the development of artificial intelligence technology, the interactive data between people will be refined, mined and managed in an increasing rate.

DupliCALL adhere to continuous innovate around customer needs, and at the same time willingly to carry out multi-dimensional cooperation with partners. From the perspective of users, we constantly challenge ourselves and surpass ourselves. DupliCALL will promote innovation and collaboration across the whole industry and continue to create value for customers.


  • DupliCALL was established and dedicated to becoming a professional recording system provider for intelligent corporate security and compliance management industry
  • Became Microsoft gold partner
  • Became the first SFB recording system provider in China
  • Launched DupliCALL recording solution to the international market
  • Became the first company to develop recording system basing on Linux operating system in China
  • Launched self-developed face-to-face recording solution
  • Fully supported cloud
  • Launched compliance recording solutions for financial industry
  • Adopted artificial intelligent, march towards the era of big data
  • New released DCLog 5.0 is able to support 2000 concurrent channel recordings in a single server; enhancing voice, video and screen recording
  • Introduced SoIP, a new generation of IP-based screen recording
  • Launched ISCM Intelligent Security & Compliance Management
  • Launched a new generation of counter voice and video recording software MoIP v5.0
  • Established Changsha R&D Centers
  • Launched a new generation of AI engine intelligent bridging system software IBAE v1.0
  • Data analysis technology is fully upgraded
  • Launched DCLog 5 (v21) single server support 4000ch concurrent recordings
  • Launched Linus version of DCLog, IBAE and ISCM
  • World leading AIoT intelligent network phone recording system product and solution