Digital trunk, digital telephone and analog hybrid channel recording / 500+ Ch

Maybank was established in 1960 and is now the largest local banking company in Malaysia by market value. Ranked among the top 500 in Forbes Global 2000 Enterprises. According to Maybank’s requirements, recording systems were deployed at 53 locations in the headquarters and branches in 14 states across Malaysia. The recording system records digital trunks, digital phones and analog channels of Ericsson and NEC PABX respectively, and realizes features such as recording retrieval, playback, live monitoring, data tagging, call reports and so on.

Client Review: Since Maybank used the company’s recording system, there has never been a major production issue. At any time, the company is able to respond and solve customer problems as soon as possible. The company also actively cooperates with customers to optimize, upgrade and update the system according to their personalized requirements.

Bank of Communications

Avaya IP Recording / 3000+ Ch

Bank of Communications was established in 1908. Head office is located in Shanghai. It is one of the oldest state-owned commercial banks and modern note-issuing banks in China. According to the requirement of the Bank of Communications, VoIP recording based on CMServer network packet distribution was deployed in the Zhangjiang Data Center, with a scale of 3,600 channels. CPCe quality inspections were deployed synchronously, as to search recording, live monitoring and recording quality inspection. For the consideration of disaster recovery, the Zhangjiang Data Center has an active-standby redundancy solution in the Caohejing computer room in Shanghai via DMCC method. There are remote agent as well in Hong Kong to be recorded via DMCC in Shanghai.

Client Review: The centralized customer service center of The Bank of Communication establishment in 2007, it had been using VoiceCyber products ranged from recording system and quality inspection system. System stability is the characteristic of the company’s products. Since our bank used the VoiceCyber recording system in 2007, there has never been any major production issue. This is mainly due to the excellent product performance, monthly routine inspection and active maintenance services. In the process of cooperation, the company responds and solves customer problems immediately and actively cooperate with customers’ personalized requirements for system optimization and transformation. We hope that in the future cooperation, the company can provide more advanced technology in the industry to help the intelligent development of our customer service.

China Construction Bank

Cisco IP Recording / 5000+ Ch

China Construction Bank was established on October 1, 1954. It is a large state-owned bank managed by the central government and one of the four largest banks in China. China Construction Bank requires recording for 95533 telephone banking hotlines throughout the country, using the CM Server active-standby mode and recording server N+1 active-standby redundancy method. Through the mirror port of the Cisco switch, all voice data and control signalling are sent to the CM Server. The CM Server analyses the mirrored data, finds the corresponding recording server, and sends the data stream to the corresponding MAC address. The recording server receives data, analyses protocol and generates recording files before archives. The active and standby CM Servers are both connected to the mirrored ports of the core switch. Both active and standby CM Servers both perform heartbeat detection. When the main CM Server encounters failure, the standby CM Server directly takes over the data forwarding operation and ensures the recording is complete. When any recording server encounters failure, as the recording database configuration is stored in the CM Server, the CM program controls the switching of the failed recording server and sends the configuration parameters directly to the standby recording server (N+1) to replace the active recording server.

Client Review: The customer service center of China Construction Bank Corporation has used VoiceCyber recording system for 10 years. From the initial analog parallel recording to the current VOIP recording, it has created a highly reliable and stable customer service center platform for our center. In terms of products, using VoiceCyber voice and screen recording system have created a high reliability and stability customer service center platform for our center through voice and screen recording, which has also brought a lot of convenience in the work and compliments from our user departments. In terms of service, VoiceCyber company provides our center with weekly inspection services, quarterly in-depth inspections, analysis and inspection reports, and also holiday guarantee services. Technically speaking, VoiceCyber company has a professional service team and one-to-one service coordinator for the project, which can efficiently handle various issues.