Saudi Arabia MOI-911 Center

Huawei IP Recording / 500+ Ch
As a Huawei’s recording system certification supplier, VoiceCyber cooperated with Huawei to provide high-quality and high-availability IP mirroring recording system for Saudi Arabia MOI-911 Center. After the system is activated, it has gained great compliment from Huawei and the users. According to the requirements of Saudi Arabia MOI-911 Center, VoiceCyber have recorded Huawei’s IPCC and IPT while allow manage and search according to different police category. The entire system adopts the high reliability architecture of data distribution server 1+1 active-standby and recording server N+1 to ensure complete recording operation. At the same time, MOI-911 has also requested centralized management and search for the recording of Tetra cluster.

Shanghai Emergency Center 110

E1, Analog Mix Recording / 1000+ Ch
Shanghai Emergency Center is an operational organization and command center for the emergency management of emergency and emergency assistance for the city which effectively integrates relevant forces and social public resources under the leadership of the municipal party committee and the municipal government. The emergency center system is using two types of recording systems. One is the SS7 trunk tapping recording device, which records trunk calls. The other is 150 channels analog recording system, which consists 2 analog recording servers. An active-standby system is adopted to ensure data security. The SS7 tapping recording part contains two modules, SS7 converter and recording server. Both modules are connected in high-impedance mode on the SS7 line without affecting the normal operation of the line. The start and stop of the recording are controlled by the CTI server sending a message. When the CTI Server failed, the trunk recording system obtains the recording start/ stop and the call/ called information from the SS7 converter, and the recording is tapped on the channel in high-impedance mode. The method of parallel channel connection does not affect the normal operation of the channel and other equipment. The old and new sets of recording servers work independently and use a centralized management system to operate. There is no need to change interface to manage the recording system or achieve data and therefore achieving synchronization and sharing. Both sites’ recording indexes and recording files achieve two-way synchronization operation. User can listen to the corresponding recording file according to the police ID through the telephone voice IVR query.

Client Review: Shanghai Emergency Center began to use VoiceCyber recording application since 2006. The equipment maintains an efficient operation status. The system records the complete call recording of each targeted phone and transmits the recording data to a third-party system according to the actual requirement of the project. VoiceCyber’s maintenance service engineers are enthusiastic and responsible for any warranty given to users. Furthermore, their quick and efficient solution on every emergency issue minimized our losses. They also extracting and solving potential safety problems through regular inspections. As a result of the cooperation for more than ten years, we are satisfied with VoiceCyber product and the working attitude of their personnel.

Department of Public Security of Zhejiang Province

Avaya IP Recording / 1000+ Ch
The Department of Public Security of Zhejiang Province is an operational department, provincial government and dual leadership of the Ministry of Public Security under the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, which is in charge of public security work in the whole province. Each city and county (county-level cities and districts) has own public security bureaus (sub-bureaus) and police stations in towns, townships and streets. The public security bureau (sub-bureau) and police station are respectively under the leadership of the same-level people’s government and higher-level public security agency. According to the requirements of Zhejiang public security bureau, the Avaya IP phones were recorded in both data centers in Hangzhou and Quzhou. VoiceCyber’s IBAE- real-time voice data forwarding system was simultaneously deployed to integrate with the artificial intelligence engine to realize the features of recording search, live monitoring, real-time voice forwarding, etc. At the same time, customized development is carried out according to the special environmental requirements of the project, which solves the problem of recording loss caused by random flow of call data generated from two date centers without CTI.