Okasan Securities Group Co., Ltd.

KDDI, ASR Full Text Transcription / 1000+ Ch
vOkasan Securities Limited was reorganized and established on 25 August 1944 under the name of Okasan Securities Co., Ltd. In October 2003, the name of Okasan Holdings, Inc. was changed in accordance with the company’s transition to a holding company. In October 2008, the company name was then changed again to Okasan Securities Group Inc. According to the requirements of Okasan Securities Group, all business transaction calls require centralized recording and management. With the cooperation of local agents in Japan, the VCLog recording system was deployed in the customer’s data center in Tokyo. In addition, the system was combined with the local Japanese operator’s recording interface and the Japanese local voice recognition engine respectively. The purpose is to perform full text transcription on the recordings, convert voice data into structured text data for storage and searching, which eventually provides guarantee for subsequent big data mining and business operation efficiency improvement.

China International Fund Management Co., Ltd.

CISCO IP Recording; Analog Phone Recording / 500+ Ch
China International Fund Management Co., Ltd. was officially established in May 2004 and is jointly formed by Shanghai International Trust Co., Ltd. and JP Morgan Asset Management (UK) Limited. According requirements of China International Fund Management, VoiceCyber provides distributed deployment, centralized management solution, and uses 12 recording servers to record the contact centers and other departments. The contact centers use 8 recording servers to record CISCO’s IP phone while other departments use high-impedance analog parallel recording. The recording files are uploaded to the dedicated storage server through FTP. Moreover, the system has been in stable operation status for more than 8 years.

Client Review: According to the actual needs of customers and the complex network architecture, VoiceCyber can always deploy the recording system flexibly. The requirements of recording system’s independent operation required by various departments of users and centralized management by the supervision and regulation department are always met. Furthermore, VoiceCyber is willing to provide users with more recording solutions according to their business needs in the later stage, which is appreciated by users.

ICBC Credit Suisse Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Avaya Analog Recording / 100+ Ch
ICBC Credit Suisse Asset Management Co., Ltd. is the first joint venture fund management company directly established and controlled by a state-owned commercial bank in China. Moreover, it is one of the 12 “fully qualified” fund companies in the industry. In order to improve the service quality and strengthen the supervision, ICBC Credit Suisse requested to record its 400-811-9999 customer service hotline. VoiceCyber uses VCLog recording system to record high-impedance parallel lines of 200 Avaya PABX and analog phones with the ability to quickly and accurately search and playback recording files through various query conditions.