China Telecom Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch

Huawei IP Recording / 5000+ Ch
Shanghai Telecom Co., Ltd. was officially established on November 18, 2002. On January 28, 2008, it was renamed as China Telecom Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch, and China Telecom Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch was a branch company of overseas listed China Telecom Co., Ltd., referred to as China Telecom Shanghai Corporation. Shanghai Telecom hotlines 1000 has five distributed contact centers. The locations are routed outbound through local gateway, and 4-6 different recording servers are deployed at each location. Since the mirror network switches of each recording server are independent, to avoid single location failure, a backup recording server is deployed at each branch, and is configured with maximum recording channels of the recording server among the locations. There is only one mirror port on the switch. There is only one dongle which is plugged into the main recording server while the backup recording server is always shut down. When there is failure in the main recording server, the backup recording server is manually activated, the mirror port of the PBX is connected to the backup recording server, and the licenses are transferred. The backup server automatically imports and apply the configuration parameters of the failed server to achieve rapid switching and cold standby.

Client Review: Shanghai Telecom’s contact center will inevitably be having some issues in the process of providing services to customers. It might be a dispute between the customer and the agent, or a dispute between the manager and the agent. At this time, it is difficult to judge between right and wrong. The call recording records all the information of the contact center’s verbal interaction, while the screen recording records the real-time computer business operation process of the agent. When there is a dispute, the call recording and screen recording can provide sufficient evidence to judge who is right and who is wrong. We have purchased the multimedia recording (screen recording) application from VoiceCyber Shanghai on the current contact center platforms hotlines 114, 118114, 112 and 10000. Through more than 10 years of cooperation, we can see that VoiceCyber’s products are very efficient and stable while the use of VoiceCyber’s application is also humanized. VoiceCyber are maintaining close relationship with users, making reasonable adjustments and customization according to customer requirements. The product maintenance service team is also very serious and responsible. Overall, we are very satisfied with VoiceCyber product application.

Oriental Cable Network Co., Ltd.

Cisco IP Recording / 500+ Ch
Oriental Cable Network Co., Ltd. (originally named as Shanghai Cable Network Co., Ltd.), formerly known as the Network Department of Shanghai Cable TV Station, was established at end of 1998. It was established by the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to speed up the pace of Shanghai’s informatization development using network industry separation and shareholder system methodologies. According to the actual requirement of the Oriental Cable Network, VCLog recording system provide N+1 high-availability deployment architecture to record 500 Cisco IP phones and ensure the stability and security of the recording system. At the same time, VCLog also provides a standard API interface integrate with third-party CRM system for recording provide quick search recording.